Troubled Dairy Farmers Seek Financial Aid From Connecticut

Aug 14, 2019

Connecticut dairy farmers say they are experiencing a fifth consecutive year of depressed milk prices. They want the state to provide financial aid to keep their businesses afloat.

The farmers made their case before the General Assembly’s rural caucus.

They say a decade ago there were more than 150 working dairy farms in Connecticut. Now, due to years of low milk prices, there are fewer than 100.

Ned Ellis is a farmer from Hebron. He says that trend cannot be allowed to continue.

“You know, some time, there is going to have to be a place where this food comes from. It can’t all come from China or Mexico or wherever. We are going to have to feed our own people.”

The farmers seek an increase of the state’s Community Investment Act. The law provides financial assistance to farmers and would help stem their losses.