Tolls, But Fewer Of Them, Likely In Lamont’s Revised Transportation Plan

Oct 14, 2019

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is expected to reveal his revamped transportation infrastructure plan soon. Republicans opposed his initial plan because it included highway tolls. Now they are taking a wait and see approach.

In public appearances last week, Lamont gave hints that his new plan might include only a few tolls.

“I’ve got a plan we are going to be rolling out for the second time, in a way that is collaborative, working with Republicans and Democrats, where we have a user fee that pays for major construction on the choke points that are really slowing up transportation.”

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano joined the Lamont administration for talks with federal officials. He says if the state takes advantage of a low 2% federal loan program for highway construction, tolls would have to be limited.

“Tolls just on bridges that were totally reconstructed. So it would not be for any bridge that was never going to be touched. And the money from that toll would pay for that bridge. That’s the way it kind of worked.”

Fasano says his caucus will wait to see Lamont’s actual revised plan before deciding whether to support it.