Suffolk County Mobile Homeowners Hail New Tenant Protections

Jun 18, 2019

A measure that protects residents who rent at mobile and manufactured home parks passed after 12 years of delays in the New York State Legislature. It was part of a larger tenants’ rights package lawmakers approved last week.

People who live in mobile and manufactured parks often own their own houses, but have to rent the land the house sits on. The state bill protects these homeowners from unjustifiable rent increases.

“For most of us here, we’re a senior citizen community. We’re on a fixed income. And when you continually, every year, have a 4% increase on your rent, you’re going to run out of money because you’re not going to have the income to match what you need to pay for your land rent,” said Gale Baldwin, who’s on the board of the Mobile/Manufactured Homeowners Association of Suffolk County.

Baldwin says the next step should be to increase the protections against unfair evictions.