Stamford Rated Most LGBT-Friendly Community In Conn.

Oct 20, 2016

According to the Human Rights Campaign’s 2016 Municipal Equality Index, Stamford is the most LGBT-friendly community in Connecticut. The Index grades how well local laws and policies promote inclusion of LGBT people, and Stamford was the only city in Connecticut to receive a perfect score of 100.

In its 2016 Index, the Human Rights Campaign studied 506 municipalities throughout the country. Sixty of them, including Stamford, received perfect scores. The rating system factors in variables like anti-discrimination laws, municipal services for the LGBT community and fair law enforcement.

In Stamford Mayor David Martin says his administration has focused on improving quality of life for LGBT residents.

“I think it just represents our continued commitment to that equality for all, that diversity that we have in Stamford. And I’m proud that our community recognizes that, commits that and moves forward with that.”

In the past year Martin appointed an LGBT liaison in both the police force and the mayor’s office. The city also sought policy advice with Triangle Community Center, the Norwalk-based LGBT center for Fairfield County.  

The average Municipal Equality Index score for cities and towns in Connecticut was 69 out of 100 points. New Haven trailed Stamford with a rating of 94. Bridgeport and Storrs scored the lowest, with scores below the national average of 55 points.