Road Repair Money Not Coming Until January, Lamont Says

Dec 19, 2019

Governor Ned Lamont wants Connecticut cities and towns to wait another month before they receive state money for local road improvements and snow removal.  

Lamont says he wants lawmakers to take action on his transportation infrastructure plan before he releases the money, which is already six months overdue.

“We are going to have a bond bill passed by the legislature in January. Very soon thereafter we are going to have a bond commission that will allocate the rest of the money. They can count on it. They know it’s going to be done. It shouldn’t slow up any of the work they want to have done.”

Lamont spoke after a bond commission meeting where money was allocated for other municipal projects.

Republican legislative leaders accuse Lamont and the leaders of the Democratic majority of holding up the town road money as leverage to get lawmaker support for a transportation infrastructure plan that includes truck-only highway tolls. 

Republicans oppose tolls.