Report: Water Quality In Long Island Sound Continues To Improve

Sep 26, 2018

Water quality in Long Island Sound is improving. That’s according to a report issued by the environmental group Save the Sound.

The study compiles ten years of water samples. It compares oxygen levels, microalgae, and dissolved organic compounds. In most areas, the water improved or maintained good quality. The only place where that’s not true is in the Western Narrows, near the Throggs Neck Bridge.

Tracey Brown, director of Save the Sound, says, “You know, 8 million people. Mostly paved surfaces so everything on the land gets right into the water. But we can attribute some of the investments made in New York City to the improvements in the Eastern Narrows, right next door.”

Brown says that while the Sound as a whole has seen improvements, many of the bays and inlets likely need improvement. That will be the focus of the group’s next study.