Primary Results: Ganim Wins Bridgeport, Elicker Takes New Haven

Sep 11, 2019

The mayor of Connecticut’s largest city won a close primary victory in his race for a seventh term.

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim celebrated the win with supporters at Testo’s Restaurant, owned by Democratic Party head Mario Testa.

Ganim said that the win was a continuation of the work he’d already done as mayor.

“Bridgeport spoke today, even in a Democratic primary, that says that they want us to continue the progress in Bridgeport! You, us, we together, began a road many years ago, but certainly four years ago, to create opportunity and a better city for every citizen who calls Bridgeport home.”

Ganim served as mayor from 1991 to 2003. He spent seven years in prison on corruption charges and won back his old seat in 2015.

His opponent, Marilyn Moore, won more votes at polling locations, but absentee votes put Ganim over the top.

Moore told supporters at the Bijou Theatre she would seek to continue her run on a third party ticket.

“And I want you to continue to believe in Bridgeport. Because we know this is not the city that it could be. And we know you can’t get it all in one day. But as I told you when I ran, I’m gonna get on that ballot in November.”

Bridgeport is a heavily Democratic city that hasn’t elected a Republican since 1989.

Meanwhile, in New Haven Justin Elicker beat three-term Mayor Toni Harp in the Democratic Party primary.

Elicker ran against Harp in 2013, but lost. Now Elicker’s campaign for government transparency got the attention of voters — and donors. He outpaced Harp’s fundraising.

This year, Harp’s office has dealt with an unpopular tax increase, a controversial police union contract and an FBI investigation into corruption at city hall. 

Harp blamed the investigation on Elicker’s wife, who works in the U.S. attorney’s office. 

Harp conceded to Elicker, who got nearly two-thirds of the vote.