Phoenix Glendinning's Music Colors The World Of Eastshade

May 31, 2018

Eastshade screenshot

Eastshade, a game about how art can impact people's lives, is set to be released later this year. Composer Phoenix Glendinning is busy writing the music that brings the world to life. I talked with him about how the landscape of the game's world provides inspiration both for Eastshade, and its prequel, Leaving Lyndow.

Phoenix told me that he's known Eastshade's lead designer, Danny Weinbaum, since they were in high school, when they worked on amateur films together. That longstanding friendship has made it easier to stay in tune artistically to create the exact feel the music for the game should have.

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Phoenix Glendinning

Leaving Lyndow: Last Morning; Forest Walk; The Teahouse; Toma's Farm

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