Oda Tilset Sees Computer-Generated Music As A Tool, Not A Threat

Apr 15, 2020

music studio
Credit pixabay.com

At this year's (now postponed) Game Developers Conference, composer and sound designer Oda Tilset planned to present a session about how incorporating music created by a computer's Artificial Intelligence can be a useful tool. Oda tells me that AI-generated music is really helpful to generate ideas that a composer might not have thought of. 

For musicians and composers who are just getting their feet wet with computer-generated music software, Oda reccommends Noknok Audio, which is very flexible and easy to use. 

One of the murkier aspects of using AI to create music is who owns the end product. Oda has studied numerous user agreements for sharing audio and music, including SoundCloud and there's no clear answer.

She says the best part of using AI is that it's like having a collaborator without those painful discssions about whose ideas are better!

Episode tracklist

All tracks composed by Oda's computer AI, modified in her digital audio workstation.

Thanks to Dick Roberts for production assistance