NYS Teachers Union Calls For Standardized Test Overhaul

Apr 29, 2019

Standardized math testing for grades 3 through 8 in New York will wrap up in May. Many schools will implement paper testing this week, after state education officials cancelled computer-based testing due to a software glitch this month.

New York State United Teachers say the computerized testing system is broken, and is in need of a significant overhaul. Jolene DiBrango is the union’s vice president.

“For the second year in a row, computer-based testing in New York State was a complete failure. Unfortunately, last year, the same types of failures were occurring and the state education department and the commissioner had assured parents and teachers and the community at-large that these problems wouldn’t happen again but they did.”

DiBrango says teachers want a fix before the tests are given again – and for state education commissioner, MaryEllen Elia, to allow them to have an active role in making those changes.

“There are many flaws, and we want the commissioner to take a leadership role here in correcting these tests once and for all.

The Education Department says teachers are allowed to review all the exam questions. DiBrango says the tests are still too long, too advanced, and don’t reflect students’ ability.