N.Y. Attorney General Will Investigate Reports Of Election Day Disinformation

Nov 4, 2020

As election officials on Long Island continue to count local and congressional races that are too early to call, New York Attorney General Letitia James says the state will investigate reports of robocalls that encouraged voters to stay home on Election Day.

James says she will investigate allegations that New Yorkers received robocalls that spread disinformation about the election, and even told them not to vote.

The robocalls urged Americans to “stay safe and stay home”, as security at certain polling locations on Long Island was heightened for Tuesday’s election. Authorities warned of in-person voter intimidation at the polls, but no problems were reported to election officials.

An FBI investigation is underway into similar robocalls made to voters in Iowa, Nebraska and Michigan. In January, the Justice Department sued U.S.-based internet phone companies to combat illegal robocalls. The DOJ last month said it was working to prevent Election Day robocalls.