New York Seeks To Adopt Strictest Water Standards In The Country

Jul 10, 2019

Health officials in New York are proposing stringent new drinking water standards for contaminants like 1,4-dioxane.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York will begin the regulatory process for adopting the most protective drinking water standards in the nation. 

The proposed regulation of 1 part per billion for 1,4-dioxane is lower than the current federal guideline of 70 parts per trillion. 

“We highly recommend the state goes to the lowest level possible and revisits it down the road to see if it can be lowered further to best protect public health,” said Liz Moran with the New York Public Research Interest Group. 

Cuomo also allocated $350 million to help water providers meet the new standards. Long Island will receive $27 million to upgrade nine water treatment facilities.  

The group found in May that Long Island has the worst water quality in the state.