New York Reports First Vaping-Related Death

Oct 8, 2019

New York health officials announced the first vaping-related death in the state on Tuesday.

Governor Andrew Cuomo warned young people, who under law are not allowed to buy vaping products, that they need to stay away from vaping.

“You are playing with your life when you play with this stuff. And it's not just best case scenario for vaping. You get addicted to nicotine. And that is a lifelong struggle,” Cuomo said. “I can tell you as a person who was young and stupid and smoked, it is an addiction you will fight for your entire life.”

He also blames the vaping industry and says the federal government needs to act because young people’s lives are at stake.

“You buy a product, you don't know what it is, it's not regulated, it's not tested, you don't know what vaping is, nobody studied the effects of steam in your lungs with these chemicals, and you drop dead.”

The number of New Yorkers sickened by vaping related illness is now at 110. 

Meanwhile, the New York State Vapor Association, which represents 700 vape shops in the state, has joined in a lawsuit against Cuomo's ban on flavored nicotine vaping products, saying it’s an overreach. They say evidence so far shows the vaping illness is associated with black market marijuana products.  

In Connecticut, authorities reported its first vaping-related death last week.

The Cuomo and Lamont administrations will meet next week to discuss a regional plan to ban flavored e-cigarette and vape products.