New York Officials To Unveil Wind Energy Plan

Aug 9, 2016

A blueprint of New York State’s plans for offshore wind energy is expected to be released this month. The plan includes potential sites for turbines in the federal waters off the coast of Long Island.

A spokesperson for the New York State Energy Research and Development Association, NYSERDA, says, “The blueprint will describe the benefits of developing New York’s offshore wind potential and outline how the State will collect and document feedback from a range of stakeholders.”

The State has proposed six potential offshore wind areas in federal waters from New Jersey to Rhode Island. Two of those sites are off the south shore of Long Island.

In total, the state could harness more than 11,000 megawatts of wind power from the sites. According to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, a single megawatt can power up to 300 average U.S. homes per year.