New York AG Sues Trump Foundation, Cites Numerous Violations

Jun 14, 2018

New York is suing the charitable organization run by President Donald Trump and his family, accusing it of repeated violations of federal law. The lawsuit combines numerous questionable dealings already known.

The suit describes the private charity as little more than a checkbook for Trump’s election campaign, his businesses, and his legal expenses. In the run up to the 2016 Iowa Caucus, the suit describes emails where campaign staffers co-opted the charity to write checks to organizations that would help him politically.

John Bradley, who teaches nonprofit law at the University of Pennsylvania, said, “The motive for doing it is to avoid paying personal taxes. You can take advantage the charitable tax deduction, and you can avoid paying taxes on the interest that’s accrued.”

New York’s lawsuit aims to dissolve Trump’s charity and to bar him and his family from serving on any other New York charity. In tweets, Trump mocked the lawsuit.