New Flyover To Help Fix LaGuardia's 'Spaghetti Bowl' Of Roads

Jul 31, 2018

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has unveiled a simple but major part of the LaGuardia Airport renovation.

Cuomo says the flyover from the eastbound Grand Central Parkway at Exit 7 is the first step to reduce the spaghetti-like interior roadways of the airport. The flyover will take cars from the parkway directly towards Delta’s terminals C and D.

He says the reconstruction will correct years of jerry-rigging at the airport.

“Why? Rather than do it right, just patch it. Just fix it. And you wound up with a spaghetti bowl of roads at LaGuardia, all different terminals. You needed an interpreter to read the signs.”

Cuomo says it’s a tough job to build a new airport, while keeping the old one operational.

“It’s a very small site. It’s basically a postage stamp. You have to build it while you are operating it. It was already over-maxed. We are now seeing a record number of flights in the midst of the construction.”

A new Terminal B is planned to open in 2020, while the new Delta Terminal should be finished by 2021. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $8 billion.