New Evidence Released In Gilgo Beach Murders

Jan 16, 2020

Suffolk County Police say a black leather belt embossed with the letters “HM” or “WH” was found almost a decade ago at one of the crime scenes along Ocean Parkway in Long Island. Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart said at a news conference Thursday that additional photos of the belt would be released on the GilgoNews website.
Credit Suffolk County Police Department

Suffolk County Police have released a picture of a leather belt they discovered almost a decade ago at one of the Gilgo Beach murder investigation crime scenes. 

Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart called the belt a “significant piece of evidence.” 

“A black leather belt embossed with the letters HM or WH was recovered during the initial stages of the investigation. We believe the belt was handled by the suspect and did not belong to any of the victims.” 

Hart unveiled a new website, GilgoNews, where the public can submit tips about the belt.

“We have decided now to leverage social media, obviously with the website, and to put information out there in the hopes that the public will come forward with a piece of information about the origin of that article.” 

Investigators discovered eleven sets of human remains near Gilgo Beach in 2010. Four sets remain unidentified, and no suspects have been arrested.

Hart said DNA samples from the unidentified victims have been handed over to the FBI for genetic testing.