Nassau Police Settle With LexisNexis Over Alleged Report Fraud

1 hour ago

Nassau County Police have been reimbursed for hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of vehicle crash reports resold by the online research database LexisNexis.

Law enforcement agencies generate reports of vehicle crashes that individuals and insurance companies purchase for their claims.

LexisNexis stores these reports and has a deal with agencies to resell the reports for a profit. The database company is supposed to pay a fee every time a report is sold. 

A former employee said in a whistleblower lawsuit that LexisNexis had defrauded New York and other states by covering up report sales to avoid paying the fee. New York was out $900,000.

LexisNexis settled with the states, and New York was awarded $1.7 million. Nassau County Police gained one of the state’s larger reimbursements: about $385,000.