Music Respawn! Winifred Phillips Writes A Blueprint For Composers

Apr 5, 2017

Assassin's Creed Liberation Screenshot: Score by Winifred Phillips
Credit Ubisoft

Winifred Phillips says that when she was just starting as a composer, there was no friendly reference guide to writing game music, so recently she wrote her own! A Composer's Guide to Game Music has been a huge success. I caught up with Winifred after her session about creating tension in music at the Game Developer's Conference.

Winifred's award-winning credits include God of War, Spore Hero, Assassin's Creed Liberation and Dragon Front. She says that a side effect of writing the book is that it made her think about the psychological power game music can have on a player, and it's given her incentive to keep up with research on the effects of music on our brains.

Winifred in her studio
Credit Winifred Phillips

Episode tracklist:

All tracks by Winifred Phillips:

Assassin's Creed Liberation: Liberation Main Theme, In the Bayou

Spore Hero: Main Theme

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Chute

Sim Animals: Happy Place, Danger Woods

God of War: Pandora's Box

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