Music Respawn! Mike Salvatori: "Rise Of Iron Was A Blast To Work On!"

Oct 31, 2016

Inside the Iron Temple in Rise of Iron

As Destiny, the epic adventure from Bungie enters its third year with the Rise of Iron expansion, composer Mike Salvatori says the music has expanded as well, to over 250 minutes of new material, written along with Skye Lewin and C. Paul Johnson.  The main theme is especially compelling, and as Mike explains it was kind of like a "gift from the universe!"

The process of recording the soundtrack is complex, with instrumental groups recorded separately. Mike says even though the venue, a beautiful church near Seattle, has its drawbacks, he loves recording there because of the reverb, and the sound it adds to both the chorus and orchestra.

Although Mike and the rest of the audio team know what's ahead for Destiny, he can't share any secrets just yet. Stay tuned...

Episode tracklist:

Skye Lewin, Michael Salvatori: 

Destiny: Rise of Iron

Rise of Iron, At Peace, Ascension, Ad Victoriam, Elegy, SIVA Swarm, Shadow of the Walker

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