Music Respawn! Jason Graves & Austin Wintory In A Game Changer Concert

Jan 27, 2017

Credit ReadyAtDawn

Jason Graves and Austin Wintory are teaming up with the American Youth Symphony for a "Game Changer" Concert on February 12 in Los Angeles.  The orchestra will perform selections from Jason's score for The Order, 1886, and Austin's Journey, along with music suggested by them from Igor Stravinsky and Benjamin Britten.   Getting kids excited about music is important to both composers, and as we talked, I discovered that all three of us got into music with the same piece!

American Youth Symphony
Credit American Youth Symphony

Episode Tracklist:

Jason Graves/Austin Wintory: The Order 1886: Knights' Theme

Benjamin Britten: Peter Grimes Four Sea Interludes: Dawn

Igor Stravinsky: Firebird  Ballet Infernal Fire Dance

Jason Graves: Far Cry Primal: The Mammoth Hunt

Austin Wintory: Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Gauntlet Scherzo

Beethoven: Fur Elise

Stravinsky: Firebird Ballet Finale

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