Music Respawn! Inon Zur's Music Soars With Eagles

Nov 7, 2016

Notre Dame in Eagle Flight
Credit Ubisoft

Eagle Flight, Ubisoft's new Virtual Reality game, lets you soar as an eagle above a future Paris, populated only by animals. Inon Zur composed the score, which he told me presented some interesting challenges:

Designing the music to accompany a wild Paris gave Inon freedom to layer many different sounds, from tribal percussion to soaring strings and voices and even his favorite instrument, the piano. He says the overall feeling he gets watching birds of prey fly is their incredible confidence, which he expressed in his forward-moving score.

Inon Zur
Credit Top Dollar PR

Episode tracklist:

Inon Zur: Eagle Flight:

Top of the World, Feathers & Fish, By the Basilica, The Wild Sky, Le Tour Eiffel, The Grim Falcon, Trough the Archway

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