Music Respawn! Greg Edmonson: How Firefly Led To Uncharted

Sep 29, 2016

Credit Barnes and Noble

Greg Edmonson said he was thrilled with new vinyl releases of some of his favorite projects, the OSTs of Firefly and Uncharted 1-3. In our conversation you'll find out how his unique fusion of multi-cultural music has taken him on an incredible journey.

Firefly vinyl cover
Credit Barnes and Noble

Adapting the soundtrack for both projects has been a labor of love. Greg won a BAFTA award for his innovative soundtrack for Uncharted 2, and he said that Sony re-mastered the music for the vinyl release from iam8bit, so the sound would be the same from album to album for all three LPs in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Combined with sophisticated cover art, the result is stunning! Firefly is available through Barnes and Noble.

Greg Edmonson
Credit Top Dollar PR

Episode tracklist:

Greg EdmonsonFirefly
Bar Fight, The Funeral, River's Perception, Caper, Spaceball, River Understands Simon

Uncharted 2:
Drake's Return, Broken Paradise, Marco Polo, Nate's Theme, Reunion

Uncharted 3:
Badlands, The Setup, Something Better


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