Music Respawn! Gordy Haab Composes "B-Side Tracks" For Star Wars Battlefront

Oct 15, 2016

Star Wars Battlefront Death Star screenshot
Credit EA Games, Dice Studios

Gordy Haab understands what makes John Williams' epic music for Star Wars unique. Haab wrote the OST for Star Wars Battlefront from Dice Studios and EA Games. As Gordy explains, there's way more to the music than just the familiar themes, and it was his job to discover the key to Williams' sound.

In his music for the latest Death Star expansion, Gordy says he went "really dark" with the music -- including the menacing themes John Williams wrote for the thrilling conclusion to A New Hope.

Gordy says he dealt with fans' expectations by holding himself to really high standards, because, as he expains, "I'm a huge fan, too!"

Episode tracklist:

Gordy Haab: Star Wars Battlefront: Hoth Alliance/Into Battle, Sullest's Hars Terrain                                                   
John Williams: Star Wars, A New Hope: Desert and Robot Auction

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