Music Respawn! Gareth Coker's Mystical Music For The Unspoken

Jun 7, 2017

Casting a cobra spell in The Unspoken
Credit insomniac games

Gareth Coker describes The Unspoken from Insomniac Games, as "Fight Club for Wizards!" This unique virtual reality game gives players a chance to battle each other using incredibly powerful spells. Gareth says he spend weeks experimenting to get just the right palette for the soundtrack, then found the perfect musicians to perform it.

Gareth  wrote disctinctive music for each of the classes of magicians and lined up singer Mimi Page,  cellist Tina Guo,  and violinist Bonnie Brooksbank, who both used their electric and accoustic instruments,  and drummer Matt Laug to provide a bedrock of cool rhythm.

Recording at East-West Studios in LA was a great experience, Gareth says, because it's such a legendary place that "everybody brought their A game!"

Episode Tracklist

All tracks by Gareth Coker from The Unspoken performed by Tina Guo, cello; Bonnie Brooksbank, violin; Mimi Page, voice; Matt Laug, drums.

Vaframentum, Praecisione, Iactus Ignus, Spiritus Cultris, Vis Animi, Intorqueo, Perdisco, Sanctum II, Turbulentus

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