Montauk Residents Speak Out Against Proposed PSEG Substation

Feb 11, 2019

Montauk residents want to keep PSEG from building an electric substation on land that is considered environmentally fragile.

PSEG initially proposed the substation to be built in an area that is designated as a flood zone. The new site covers a Montaukett Indian burial ground and is designated as environmentally sensitive.

Tom Bogdan, president of the citizen action group Montauk United, said they’ve collected more than 2,000 signatures opposing development on the site because it would require excavation.

“The only use that land should have is for parks and recreation. What we’re asking is for the town board to get more active. We know they can do better work, we know they can do more things and that’s what we’re asking them to do. And it appears, at least within the last 24 hours, that they may be listening to us. ”

Bogdan says he’s not against the substation, he just doesn’t think this is the best location.

PSEG has not finalized the substation location and has said it intends to hold public hearings.