Malloy Says Esty Resignation Unnecessary

Apr 4, 2018

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says he doesn’t think it’s necessary for U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty to immediately resign from Congress.

Esty announced on Monday that she won’t be seeking re-election this year, after the 5th District Congresswoman admitted that she failed to promptly deal with a case of sexual harassment, abuse and assault in her Washington office.

There have been calls for Esty to go further and resign immediately. Malloy says he doesn’t agree.

“I think what she did is the appropriate thing to do. She was elected to represent that district. She represents it through the last day of her service. She has announced that she will not as a result of her admitted mishandling of the situation not seek re-election.”

Malloy says that if Esty were to resign immediately, he would have to schedule a special election for her replacement.

The Governor says that would create an unnecessary expense for towns in her district, considering the November general election is only a few months away.