Long Island School District Sues Juul

Oct 10, 2019

A Long Island school district is one of three nationwide that are taking Juul to court over the vape maker’s marketing practices.

Three Village Central School District is the latest school district in the U.S. to sue the popular e-cigarette maker. School districts in St. Charles, Miss., and Olathe, Kan., were the first to do so.

The district alleges that Juul knowingly marketed its line of nicotine products to teenagers with the same tactics that tobacco companies had used.

The lawsuit says the jump in e-cigarette use among teens has led to a rise in school suspensions and absences. The district is also alarmed by a nationwide lung illness associated with vaping.

Over 6,000 students go to school in the district, which serves Setauket, Stony Brook, Poquott and nearby areas.

Juul has said it shares its concerns about underage nicotine use.