Long Island Green Energy Plan Price Tag Could Be $1.5 Billion

Feb 26, 2021

The price tag for the Long Island Power Authority’s plan to build up green energy through wind and solar energy projects could be nearly $1.5 billion in state funding.

Projects include connecting to the grid offshore wind farms, like the South Fork Wind Farm that’s expected to be completed by 2023. And as more wind farms cone online, LIPA said connecting infrastructure is necessary to support it.

LIPA CEO Tom Falcone told Newsday all New Yorkers should expect an increase in rates as the projects begin, instead of only Long Islanders facing the burden.

Grid upgrades include new transmission lines from East Garden City to Melville, Glenwood to Mellville and other projects adding up to $1.3 billion.

Solar projects include updates and new builds that will total $167 million.

LIPA’s timeline for these proposals start in 2024 and could be completed by 2035.