LIRR, Metro-North Improve On-Time Performance

Jan 21, 2020

The Long Island Rail Road reports 2019 had the best on-time performance in the past three years. Trains ran on schedule nearly 93% of the time. That’s a 2% increase over 2018, when the LIRR set a 20-year performance low.

Officials consider a train on-time if it arrives at its final destination within 6 minutes of its scheduled time. 

There were nearly 19,000 delays in 2019 – construction upgrades and rail work caused most of them.

More than 91 million passengers rode the LIRR last year.

Meanwhile, Metro-North reports trains were on-time 94% of the time last year, the commuter rail’s best track record in six years.

The railroad also expanded service over the previous year.

Cancellations were down more than 50%, and there were 41% fewer trains that were delayed for more than 15 minutes.