Legalizing Marijuana May Be Put To The Voters In Connecticut

May 30, 2019

Connecticut legislative leaders want to pass on to voters the decision on whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by adults.

House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz says it’s complicated for lawmakers to work out the details of the legalization of adult use of marijuana before the session ends next Wednesday. He says that’s why legislative leaders will consider a joint decision with voters.

“We are throwing around the idea of putting it up for a constitutional amendment next year. Let the voters vote in on that. And then we’ll come back and do the regulations afterwards.”

Aresimowicz denied that legislative leaders are dodging because they don’t have the votes.

“It’s not the concept of legalization of marijuana. It’s how we get the system up and running? What preferences are put into place? Should there be the expungements? All those details are really what’s bogging us down right now.”

Governor Ned Lamont says he supports pot legalization. But a bipartisan group of legislators are strongly opposed.