Legalizing Marijuana A Legislative Priority, Says Lamont

Nov 21, 2018

Connecticut Democratic Governor-elect Ned Lamont has reaffirmed his commitment to pushing for legalizing recreational marijuana, as sales began in Massachusetts Tuesday.

Lamont said marijuana legalization would be one of his legislative priorities when the state General Assembly convenes in January.

“I don’t want the black market controlling marijuana distribution in our state. I think that it is a lousy way to go. Canada, Massachusetts, others are doing it and that is going to lead to some enforcement things. In the meantime, we enforce Connecticut law.

Lamont was speaking on Monday when he announced some new members to his transition team.

Democrats who control the state legislature have also considered legalizing the sale of marijuana as a way to generate income to help close the state’s budget deficit.

They say Connecticut could lose millions of dollars in tax revenue if it fails to regulate the retail sale of marijuana.

Currently only medical marijuana is legal in Connecticut.