Lawyers Face Off In Advance Of Mangano Retrial

Jan 10, 2019

The corruption case against former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and his wife Linda has taken several turns since the couples’ arrest back in 2016. As the case heads towards a retrial, the Manganos’ defense attorneys and prosecutors continue the pre-trial battle.

Ed Mangano’s lawyer, Kevin Keating, filed a motion to dismiss the case last month. He says prosecutors withheld evidence in the initial trial which ended in a mistrial in May.

Last week prosecutors responded, calling Keating’s arguments “meritless once the hyperbole and accusations are stripped away.”

Then Keating responded on Wednesday, echoing his initial claims that prosecutors withheld key evidence from the defense, and that the case should be dismissed. Prosecutors have called those accusations “unfounded and unfair.”

The jury selection process begins Friday. Ed Mangano is charged on seven felony counts including federal program bribery. His wife faces five felony counts.