Lamont Touts Less Crowded Inland Parks For Outdoor Recreation

May 21, 2020

Governor Ned Lamont is encouraging Connecticut residents to spend time outdoors this Memorial Day weekend. He’d like them to visit the state’s less patronized inland parks instead of crowding onto shoreline beaches.

Connecticut kept its parks and beaches open during the COVID-19 shutdown. That resulted in state officials closing parking early on certain days to prevent overcrowding. Lamont says that’s why he’d like people to take advantage of less visited inland parks this holiday weekend.

“We’ve got gorgeous parks that people aren’t as familiar with and this is where we recommend that people focus over this weekend. Cause some of our parks and beaches may be loved to death.”

Lamont spoke at Gay City State Park in Hebron, where he says he and his wife, Annie, often go hiking.

State officials won’t allow swimming at inland parks, but swimming is permitted at shoreline beaches. The wearing of face masks and social distancing is encouraged.

Neighboring Rhode Island and Massachusetts now have their beaches open. On Long Island beaches are open only to local residents.

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