Lamont Signs Law Nixing Religious Exemptions For Vaccination In Connecticut

Apr 28, 2021

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed a law to remove religious exemptions to school vaccinations after a contentious debate on Tuesday. One lawmaker says some of what he saw at a protest this week concerned him.

Some protesters distributed fake COVID-19 vaccination cards, and many didn’t wear masks. State Senator Saud Anwar is the vice-chair of the Public Health Committee. He’s also a doctor and a public health expert.

“There clearly are people who have concerns. Parents who are worried from the religious perspective and parents who are also worried from medical concerns that they may have. So I recognize that. But many people at the rally were not being as responsible as I would expect individuals to be,” Anwar said.

Opponents said the law was rushed and poorly written.

Lamont said the law doesn’t take away parents’ rights to make medical choices for their kids.