Lamont Signs 3 Laws Supporting LGBTQ Community

Jul 10, 2019

Governor Ned Lamont signed three new laws protecting Connecticut’s LGBTQ community at a ceremony in Hartford on Tuesday.

One of the laws allows minors to obtain the pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV without parental consent.

Dr. Krystn Wagner, an infectious disease specialist at the Fair Haven Health Clinic in New Haven, says this will benefit LGBTQ minors.

“This bill is one very important step toward allowing them to be empowered to protect their sexual health.

Patrick Dunn with the New Haven Pride Center says he’s happy with a different law that establishes a state LGBTQ health and human services network.

“Bringing us together in a space where we can share what works and talk through what doesn’t work, so that we can all move forward as a community for a greater Connecticut overall.”

The third law ends what’s known as the gay or trans panic defense. That’s when a defendant claims they were not at fault when they were violent toward another individual because of that person’s sexual or gender orientation.