Lamont Replaces Several Key Staff After First Budget Season

Jul 11, 2019

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has announced a shakeup in his office staff. It comes after Lamont had some challenges getting lawmakers to support some of his agenda in his first legislative session.

Lamont says Jonathan Harris, a former state lawmaker and former commissioner, will now be his senior advisor coordinating legislative policy and communications. 

He’s hired Max Reiss, a former NBC Connecticut chief political correspondent, to be his communications director. And Paul Mounds, the state’s chief operating officer, will take on the additional role of deputy chief of staff.

Lamont says Harris and Mounds have expertise and historical knowledge of state government. He says this will help his administration going forward.

Lamont got the General Assembly to pass a budget on time in his first legislative session but failed to get enough lawmaker support for his highway toll initiative.