Lamont: Now Is Now Is Not The Time To Relax Restrictions

Apr 10, 2020

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont says in the last few days he has received many messages from residents and business owners calling on him to end the war against COVID-19 and reopen the economy.  

But Lamont warns, even though there are some signs that the number of coronavirus infections may be stabilizing in the state, now is not the time to relax social distancing restrictions.

“And I just gotta remind people that this silent enemy doesn’t just surrender. It isn’t like Lee going to Appomattox and putting down his sword and the Civil War is over. It’s not like V-E Day in Europe, and we bring the troops home by Easter and it’s Happy Days are Here Again. This virus has something to do with how we end this war and what timing we have.”

Lamont says, in addition to social distancing, the state is working to ramp up testing to identify who is infected with the virus and helping to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.   


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