Lamont, Lawmakers And Advocates Hold Social Justice Roundtable

Jun 19, 2020

Gov. Ned Lamont declared June 19, 2020, as Juneteenth Day in Connecticut. Lamont and other elected officials and advocates spent part of the day at a roundtable to discuss racial inequities.
Credit Office of Conn. Gov. Ned Lamont / Facebook

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont met with state representatives from the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, city councils, and immigrant rights advocates on Friday to discuss social justice.

Lamont took a back seat at the Juneteenth meeting. Instead, panelists shared their ideas for policies to address racial inequality in policing, housing and education.

“As a white guy with a little bit of power, I think I had a lot of listening I had to do and I learned a lot.”

A Black Lives Matter organizer in the audience stood up to say they were not invited to the panel, so they would continue to organize protests. He said he is tired of politician’s platitudes.

“We want fundamental change in the way that things are going on in the state in terms of racial inequality.”

Lamont indirectly addressed the organizer in his closing comments.

“I don’t want to diffuse the passion, but I do want to diffuse the anger, and I want to channel that into something that makes a difference.”