Lamont To Gin Up Support For Transportation Plan With Town Halls

Nov 13, 2019

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont will hold town hall meetings across the state to sell his revised transportation infrastructure plan. He says his plan already has the support of the major business and labor leaders in the state.

Lamont says the town hall meetings will give him an opportunity to make the case to the general public beyond the confines of the State Capitol building in Hartford.

“I’m going to be looking people in the eye. Not just business and labor, not just legislators, not just folks in this ecosystem here, and telling them why I think this is important.”

Lamont has yet to announce a schedule for the town halls. A Wednesday private meeting with members of the Democratic caucus has been set. He held a similar meeting with Republicans before he released his revised plan last week. The 10-year, $21 billion CT2030 plan is funded by low-interest federal loans and tolls on 14 highway bridges.