Lamont Deploys All Vaccine Vans To Waterbury In Hopes To Raise Vaccination Rate In City

Apr 16, 2021

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said he is sending all of the state’s 35 mobile COVID-19 vaccine vans to Waterbury.

Lamont hopes this will help increase vaccination outreach to the city’s Black and Latinx communities.

“Taking the vaccine right to people. Working with the religious community and other trusted advocates. I got vaccinated in an historically Black church trying to do everything I can to convince people this is the right thing to do not just for you but for the community,” Lamont said.

Waterbury has a 30.9% vaccination rate. That’s the lowest in the state, compared to Old Sabrook which has a rate of 75%.

Data released Thursday shows cities still lag behind suburban towns in vaccination progress. Waterbury also has the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in the state.