Lamont: Conn. Opposed To Trump's Call For Greater Force Against Protestors

Jun 2, 2020

Governor Ned Lamont says Connecticut won’t follow President Donald Trump’s recommendation to use force on protestors. He says Connecticut will continue a more open approach.  

Lamont says he was surprised when Trump asked governors on a conference call, “How come you're not dominating the battlefield?”

“Which is the opposite of what we are trying to do here in Connecticut.”

He says his administration wants to reach out to communities and reflect the diversity of Connecticut.

“Make a special emphasis on our state police and municipal police forces. Make a special emphasis upon the judges and those that are helping to mete out justice in a way that people have confidence, that it’s been done fairly.”

Lamont says he is glad that the use of force on protestors in Connecticut has not gone beyond some pepper spray in Bridgeport and Waterbury.