Judge Reviews Post-Trial Briefs In Bridgeport Primary Lawsuit

Oct 21, 2019

Post-trial briefs have been filed by both sides in a lawsuit that seeks a do-over of Bridgeport’s Democratic primary for mayor. The lawsuit hinges on whether enough issues with absentee ballots cast serious doubt over the election results.

Incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim won the primary by 270 votes, with a share of absentee ballots that outnumbered challenger Marilyn Moore’s 3-to-1. 

Plaintiffs alleged campaign workers were illegally paid to solicit dozens of absentee ballot applications to people ineligible to receive them.

Defense attorneys for the city say plaintiffs have argued evidence of mistakes with absentee ballot applications, but the law requires them to prove mistakes in the count of votes. 

Plaintiffs argue that it was a mistake to count absentee ballots that should have never been issued due to ineligibility and other election law violations.

Bridgeport Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens is reviewing the briefs. He says he does not usually hear final oral arguments on cases like this, but he may decide to do so on Wednesday.