Jon Everist's Music Takes To The Streets For 'Battletech: Urban Warfare'

Jun 20, 2019

Battletech: Urban Warfare screenshot

The main campaign of Battletech from studio Harebrained Schemes is a war story about betrayal, heartbreak, and occasionally, victory. Urban Warfare, the latest expansion, gives players a chance to hit the streets in massive cities around the galaxy for tactical battles. Jon Everist created a completely different sound for Urban Warfare to reinforce the epic size of the cities and the battles that take place there. 

Jon says it was a great experience to return to the Battletech universe after a year away and start with a clean slate.

Jon's soundtrack for Battletech has gotten some fantastic recognition, including an ASCAP Composers' Choice nomination for best video game score. He's working with Black Screen Records on a double-vinyl release of the soundtrack, which is available for pre-order now, and Jon is generously offering a Bandcamp discount code for orders of the signed vinyl for listeners to the series: MusicRespawn2019.

Episode tracklist

All music composed by Jon Everist

Battletech: Urban Warfare: Urban Warfare; Collateral Damage; Danger Close 

Performed by Jon Everist

Battletech: Coronation Day performed by Erika Kadi, cello Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt, conducted by Christian Frank and Latvian Radio Choir conducted by Kaspars Putnins

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