Jon Everist Scores A Battle For Humanity In 'Disintegration'

Jul 9, 2020

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Disintegration, created by V1 Interactive and Private Division, is set 150 years into the future when much of humanity has been persuaded to upload their personalities and what makes them unique to cloud storage to reduce the stress on Earth's resources. An evil entity, the Rayonne, has taken control of the cloud, but a small band of rebels aims to take the Rayonne down and reboot humanity.

Jon Everist told me he had an amazingly fun experience incorporating big themes of technology, humanity and rebellion into his soundtrack. 

The rebels are led by reluctant hero Romer Sholes, whose character also provided a lot of inspiration for Jon to give his a unique musical identity.

Jon worked with the renowned Budapest Scoring Orchestra and orchestrator Brendon Williams to create a sound that ranges from very intimate to a lush orchestral wash.

The soundtrack is available on Jon's Bandcamp page.

Episode tracklist:

All tracks composed by Jon Everist, with orchestrator Brendon Williams, performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, with additional soloists.

Disintegration: The Long Game; Windlass; Main Theme; Black Shuck's Theme; Romer's Theme; Scrap Hunting; Cold Comfort; Costa Nueva; Old Meg (Humanity Theme)

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