Jeremy Nathan Tisser's Music Sets Sail In 'Battlewake'

Nov 22, 2019

Battlewake screenshot

When I asked composer Jeremy Nathan Tisser what got him excited about writing the music for the VR adventure game Battlewake, he was quick to answer, "pirates and heavy metal!" He combines both of those for a soundtrack that's just as thrilling as the immersive battles on the high seas.

Jeremy says the different locations for the encounters in Battlewake are a huge inspiration for his music, which incorporates voodoo chanting, a Mongolian metal band, and tons of drums!

Jeremy's soundtrack is available digitally now, and there are plans for a vinyl release as well.

Episode tracklist:

All tracks composed  by Jeremy Nathan Tisser

Battlewake: The Golden Age of Pirates; The Boatman's Call; The Balad of Diego Teyana; Water Upon the Fire; Battle of the Frozen Bog (feat. Eru Matsumoto); Into the Maelstrom; Jade and Steel; War at Urth's End; Ashes of the Undying

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