‘It’s Infuriating Us': New Bedford Fishermen Oppose Vineyard Wind’s $10 Million Compensation Offer

Jun 27, 2019

Members of the Connecticut House of Representatives have authorized the state to buy 2,000 megawatts of power from wind generated sources by 2030.

One project in the Atlantic that’s getting attention is Vineyard Wind. The company proposed its first compensation package for fishermen who stand to lose major profits with the creation of the largest offshore wind farm in the country.

But fishermen weren’t happy with the offer. And Massachusetts will have the final say.

Vineyard Wind CEO Lars Pedersen offered New Bedford fishermen $10million, which includes a direct payout that will be made in annual installments over the next 30 years and a $1 million trust for potential future costs.

The four dozen fishermen, scientists, and industry associations in the room weren’t happy with the offer. One attendee called it insulting.

Daniel Farnham, a New Bedford fisherman, says the proposal doesn’t truly reflect the economic value of the industry.

“It’s not just a person catching fish, and selling it and taking that money home. We’re supporting ice houses, fuel barges, packout workers, an entire community is based around this industry and it’s hard to just see that may be taken away and then be offered pennies on the dollar for it and that is what is infuriating to us.”

The state of Massachusetts is reviewing the proposal and is working with Vineyard Wind to make any adjustments.