House Democrats Propose Truck-Only Toll Plan For Connecticut

Nov 20, 2019

Connecticut lawmakers have come up with competing plans to pay for Governor Lamont’s 10-year, $21 billion transportation infrastructure proposal. The latest has just been announced by House Democrats. It calls for truck-only tolls on 12 bridges across the state. 

Lamont’s plan also calls for bridge-only tolls but for all vehicles and on 14 bridges instead of 12. Last week Senate Republicans came up with a plan that calls for no tolls, and no new taxes. Instead they’d liked to draw down on the state’s rainy day fund to help pay for transportation infrastructure.  

The Senate Democrats and House Republicans have yet to come up with their own plans, but both caucuses say they do not want tolls.  

Lamont says he’s looking forward to proposals from all the caucuses so they can meet in his office as soon as possible to come up with a consensus plan.