Hospital Data Suggest Connecticut Flattening The Curve

Apr 8, 2020

Hospital admissions in Connecticut for COVID-19 appear to be flattening. Officials say the state has averaged about 90 admissions a day for the past five days.

Governor Ned Lamont acknowledges that five days does not make a trend.

“But five days is five days. And the week before that, there were about 102 hospitalizations. So at least we can say we seem to be flattening out. And what does that mean? It means it gives our hospitals some more capacity. It gives them more time to plan.”

Lamont says it also means that the peak in Connecticut may be somewhat mitigated thanks to strict social distancing.   

Officials predict the peak in Connecticut might begin in a couple of weeks in Fairfield County. The peak in New Haven County looks to be next month, and in eastern Connecticut, June. 

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