Himes Hosts Town Hall In Trumbull

Nov 8, 2019

U.S. Representative Jim Himes of Connecticut hopes the House will be done with the impeachment of President Donald Trump before the end of the year. Himes spoke to his constituents at a town hall meeting in Trumbull Thursday night.

Himes is a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence that’s leading the impeachment inquiry. He says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would like a quick impeachment process, and so would he.

“I hope that this inquiry and whatever happens will be done by the end of the year, so that we can move on to drug prices and to other things that would directly address some of the things that people were talking about tonight.”

More than 100 people showed up for the town hall. Most had concerns about the high cost of healthcare and education and other issues. But some Trump supporters, as well as opponents of the president, also showed up. Himes says he was happy they were able to maintain a civil discourse.